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Namaste Plaza

Welcome to Namaste Plaza Moline, your one stop shop to Ethnic Asian Grocery Goods and Commodities. We have been serving the Quad Cities community since 2002. We are proud to be helping the South Asian and local Quad Cities communities on both sides of the Mississippi river with their daily needs. Our patrons include people who have come and settled in the Quad cities from countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, many Middle eastern and African countries.

Since more than one decade Namaste Plaza has been the vital link for the South Asian community to meet their daily needs and giving them a feeling of being close to their roots, away from their country of birth.

Namaste means respectful welcome in Sanskrit, and traditionally all guests in India are greeted with a Namaste. We invite you to visit Namaste Plaza where you can shop for all types of Spices, Herbs, common South Asian vegetables. You will also find varieties of lentils, top quality rice including world renowned Basmati rice and frozen vegetable for longer shelf life.

Do not worry if you like Indian recipes but do not know how to cook them or don’t have the time to cook them. We have many frozen ready to eat items which you can microwave and have it ready to eat with in few minutes. We also stock common eaten fishes of India, halal chicken and halal goat meat.

We also stock many varieties of delicious Indian sweets and snacks and ice creams. If you have never tasted Indian sweets or snacks, you are missing something good in life. Come to us and we will be happy to introduce the best sweets and snacks from India to you.

Other things which may tingle your taste buds include dozens of varieties of pickles, regional snacks from Gujarat, Punjab, Northern India and Southern India.

Food is not the only item which we stock. We also stock all kinds of items which may be used in your day to day life or required for worship.

Although we stock and sell more than 1000 varieties of items we understand that sometimes the items you are looking for may not be available. Since we are a vital link for the community for their needs, we also take orders for such items which try to procure for you. Talk to us today for your special needs.

We invite you to visit us today and give us a chance to serve your needs.

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